A game about a jelly and his quest to juggle as many jars of jam as physically possible.

Use the mouse to control Jelly George! Use Jelly George's gelatinous body to juggle jars of jam and generate profit from Jelly George's amazing juggling skill.

This game was made for the GDL July JiggleJam by 3  students. The main focus of this game was "bouncing", but when we realized that juggling was more satisfying we changed out design to emphasise that aspect of the game. We tried our best to create an engaging experience and hope you will enjoy it!

"I’d say to be honest, we didn’t expect it to be this fun, but it happened. Sometimes the ideas of gameplay might sound boring, but you just need to give it a shot. The hardest part for me was to design and draw the background and logo, which is basically most of what i did. I still would like to thank my teammates for forgiving my horrible drawing skill." -Eric C.

"The hardest part for me is all the drawing and character design stuff. As the designer of the main character and the illustrator of all the sprites of the game, I found the game development process quite difficult. But somehow I still managed to make nice looking sprites (hopefully) and that looks great in the game (apart from a few bugs). Before this game jam, our full team (with about 3 more members) tried to make a platformer couple of months ago. That game consisted of six levels which took us around four months to make, although that was partly because of we also had to do our schoolwork. When Ryan told me about this game jam, I told him that there is no way that we can make a game in 72 hours. I tried to convince him into participating another game jam, but I failed so we participated in this game jam anyways." - Arthur W.

"My teammates were absolutely clueless." - Ryan J.


JJJ Game Jam Version HTML 6 MB
JJJ Game Jam Version Mac 20 MB


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The game is quite fun, good job! The art fits well the theme. 

I refuse to believe any amount of Xcom squads are more accurate than zero Xcom squads.

But seriously, fun game. Well made.

Good fun! Nice art and music, a nice gameplay mechanic. I wish it was possible to keep juggling longer, after 6 or 7 jars it seems inevitable that one will smash. The upgrades made me come back and play 4 or 5 levels rather than 1 or 2. In summary, my favourite number is 3.

Yeah, after buying all the accuracy upgrades you can only juggle 10-15 jars before you cannot physically move to the new jar without letting all the jars drop. If I realised this earlier I would have made a new upgrade to slow down the speed of the jars.

Jelly is the best idea for this theme, the game is simple but is very fun to play, the art is very good is loved the jellys in the audience