Use a mouse or a trackpad (or i guess a drawing tablet if you really wanted to?!?) to play the game. The earth will follow your mouse cursor, and asteroids will be pulled towards the earth! Match up asteroids with opposite emotions have have them collide in a powerful SPACE HUG!!! (yes. space hug.)

This game was originally made for a game jam, but I didn't really have the game jam in mind when i made this game. I just really wanted to make another game, since I haven't made a game in a few months... T_T

I did a lot of things by myself this time. I didn't work with anyone, so i did all the programming, design, and art by myself. It was interesting to do, but very time consuming. I almost burnt out early on in development, but having the creative freedom that comes with working on your own was exhilarating. In the end the game turned out well.

This game took me about a week, and I'll probably keep updating it even after writing this. My initial idea for this game was to make something like space invaders. As you see, i didn't really stick to that idea. At the end of the first day, after coding about 500 lines of code and drawing out all these cute sprites, I realized that it was a lot more fun to dodge bullets than shoot enemies. So i thought "welp, why don't i just make the whole game dodging bullets.", so I just replaced the bullets with my asteroid enemies and by the next day the game was nearly complete. All i did was spawn in some enemies and make them gravitate toward the player. The mechanics were easy to implement, the hard part was polishing it into something somewhat fun. The next five days i juggled schoolwork and game dev, but i had enough time to make something decent.

This game reminded me a lot of my last game, Jam Jar Juggling. Both games were controlled with the mouse, and had a really similar art style I think my next game will need different controls and maybe a different art style, although I have to say that the cute aesthetic was a lot of fun to make!

Anyway, enough rambling I hope you enjoy playing this game!


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Great game I like it!!